Braun Cycling

Specialist in custom race cylce frames in steel

Our frames are made of the best  material such as high quality alloys of steel, aluminium and carbon in solo or mix form by means of last technique and our refined gedometry and skils. In other words hand made quality and service as standard.
I hope that you get an impression of our products, working method and service by means of this site

Custom made.

What does it mean?

Our frames are exclusively manufactured to a professional frame design, with a accurate drawing from a measurement computer program.
They are crafted with skill and expertise, where we find it important to listen to the whises of its furture owner, This enables us to design a very detailed product


No man is right when it comes to body build, and where one person has longer legs, the other has  extended arms and / or torso, not to forget about the personal taste and style of cycling.

Each steel frame is designed by our computer program.
All dimensions are given from here, so we can build a correct geometric design of all steel frame types and frame designs

This makes it possible to fulfill the wish of the cyclist  that mtches his or her bodybuild and wheight , not to forget body lenght

We can build virtually all frame sizes, as far as that the tube shapes allow, We can, respectively build, from 46 to 68 cm. high .
Also, a longer frame to make for someone who has a long torso, Or if the wish desires, we can also build a shorter frame length.
We can by means our computer determine the comfort/slope accuracy.

By building a custom build frame to the special wishes of the customer, neck, back or shoulder pain will be something of the past .

The bikes of our brand can be found in the following categories / disciplines:

  • syclo cross
  • randonneur
  • trekking
  • indoor
  • mtb 26’’
  • mtb 29er
  • race
  • sportbike (race)
  • timetrail
  • singelspeed
  • race with smaller wheels (26’’ youth)
  • triathlon
Note: these categories are available in men or lady types, we build the frame our self for the steel frames to their unique physique. The custom designing of all our frames are not at extra cost, compared to a standard frame size or geometry.



Herman Braun | Specialized at Racecycle frames - in Steel, Aluminium, Carbon or Mix materials 

Our frames are been built in the customers wish of size or color

Using the latest welding techniques as “Tig” combined with advance moulds we made it possible to create a very strong (lugless) weld connection which results in a remarkable wheight reduction.

Our frames can be delivered in steel and Aluminium with the basematerial from the well known brands Dedacciai and Columbus tubings

We also make frames with these materials mixed, like a front frame of steel, and a backframe of carbon

The frames will always be in a color and in consultation in multi color

Our welded frames are finished in these 5 steps

1 - Blasted ( instead of grinding and degreasing
2 - Primer
3 - Color painting
4 - Logo’s finishing
5 - transparant paint (powder coating for steel and 2 comp. for carbon)


Own clothing line

We have our own clothing line with our log an name , A special price  and still very desent clothing , where you may seen in

Shirts shorts and more


Specialized in custom Race cycle frames of light weight steel
By years of practical experience at the top cycling teams and knowlage complemented with advanced tools are we even capable to support the non competitive race cyclist with professional advice and help.
Craftmenship, Service and Warranty are the key values of our company and are proud that we are well known by these three values